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Hello, welcome

Welcome to wilsoncissel.com external websites. Here you can find some pretty cool and fun websites. Want to submit? Go here I will be looking for websites that are cool and fun.

This site has a couple of games.

This site has a fidget spinner.

This game has you shoot a cannon to get to a number; the numbers switch each time.

Try typing something in and pressing enter, the thing you typed in will appear.

This site plays music every time a planet goes around the sun.

Check out my youtube channel.


This goes to my favorite music. This button goes to a wilsoncissel.com website.

Draw a garden at this site, with music if you click.

Have captain kirk from star trek slap himself with this website.

Some random stuff, because why not.

Surveys are not being created right now.

This is an old version of my website. please note that it will not be updated. you can also go there by typing in old.wilsoncissel.com.

Try going to joke.wilsoncissel.com

See this page on github