WIlson Cissel's Projects

wilson cissel's projects

Welcome to my personal website, here i have my projects and programs. all projects are windows only unless specified. Looking for external websites i featured? go Here Windows thinks the programs are viruses and they are not, click more info, and click run anyway.

This is one of my best projects, my OR code generator. Enter text in the textbox, and watch the QR code generate.

This is a song i made, Listen to it, and i hope you enjoy it!

wilsoncissel.com is a project itself

TThis Is my BRAND NEW jokes website. Check it out.

This is a little app store including my favorite apps and games.

This is an arcade game i created for school. looks cool huh.

This isn't a real arcade machine the screen is paper. and the actual object is made of cardboard.

This is the website for my youtube channels. click one of the buttons to go there.

This is an OS i created through google slides. it very cool. This is the external version.

This program is not available for download right now. It should be back soon.

This is the Test settings menu i created it does not work but it is cool. (WINDOWS ONLY)